About Us

Our Mission

We are a team of highly skilled professionals that creates innovative blockchain solutions for corporate clients and provides staking infrastructure & “crowd-staking” services for individuals all around the world.

Profound expertise and extensive technological leverage allows us to create solutions that disrupt the inefficiencies in the currency financial system and provide benefits for our clients.

United by an idea to create an inclusive DeFi trading platform, we are committed not only to transforming the way people trade on exchanges, but also striving to reimagine how people manage their finances on a daily basis, in a more secure and decentralized manner.

Our latest invention is an innovative liquidity provision protocol that leverages yield farming and incentivizes liquidity providers with high APY rates on their assets. Being a vital piece in the infrastructure, this protocol paves the foundation for our Decentralized Exchange which will become the heart of our symbiotic ecosystem and aid users in unlocking their true crypto-potential.

A truly just economy can be created only by embracing progressive decentralization. Our global vision ensures that clients will be given the power of choice to decide the vector of our platform’s global development. Company’s platform is embedded with a native DXXM token that provides additional utility in the ecosystem for token holders and stakers.

We aim to further expand the set of available services in order to achieve wide token adoption and take our place among the Top 100 exchanges listed on CoinMarketCap.

Empower yourself together with Deximum!

Symbiotic Ecosystem


Market Making Pool

DSTo Token

Donation Platform

DeFi SuperApp

DexiSwap Exchange

Our company creates cutting-edge blockchain-based solutions that aim to automate and streamline customers' experience when providing liquidity and leverage traders with higher liquidity on exchanges.

We are committed not only to transforming the way people trade on exchanges, but also to reimagining how people manage their finances on a daily basis, in a more secure and decentralized manner.

Instant Execution

DexiSwap Instant UI provides traders with unprecedented convenience and ability to exchange their tokens without slippage.

Security tokens

Adoption of ERC721 and ERC1155 standards on our DEX will enable our company to add more assets available for users to trade, such as tokenized shares of public companies, valuable metals(gold, platinum) and NFTs.

High APY for Liquidity

Liquidity providers earn more fees due to higher trade volume driven by more frequent arbitrage opportunities and less slippage on trades.

Real-Time Quotes

Orders are executed across company’s liquidity pools in real time to maintain market stable prices.

Market Making Pool

In the highly fragmented crypto market, liquidity is a scarce resource for which many exchanges and issuers are paying dedicated providers, otherwise known as market makers.

We introduce a new community-based liquidity solution to address the significant crypto-market price inefficiencies amidst fragmented centralized exchange markets: using our one-stop hub, clients can stake their digital assets and earn optimal yield in the variety of markets and exchanges.

CrowdSourced Liquidity

Staked funds are utilized in a diverse manner, meaning that funds are spread across numerous DeX’s in liquidity pools and staked with different DeFi projects to guarantee higher return for liquidity providers.

Flexible Lock Periods

You have the power over your finances! Unlike other companies, we offer flexible periods for payouts on staking rewards. Clients can choose how often will staking rewards be accrued: from daily to bi-monthly options.

High APY Rates

Among all liquidity providers, we guarantee the highest APY rates: from 72% up to 120% on your staked assets, depending on the type of asset and the length of staking period.

DSTo Minting

Crowd-staking hub serves as an emission mechanism for our DSTo Token: tokens are minted each time staking rewards are distributed.

DSTo Token

DSTo is the staple of our Ecosystem, that will ensure company’s stable development and expansion. It provides vital functionality and incentivizes our community through governance rights and beneficial rewards:

Progressive Decentralization

Progressive decentralisation can only be achieved by giving the governance power back to the people. With the right governance structure built-in, DSTo is unstoppable.

Token holders will have both the power and economic incentive to decide the direction of the future of Deximum Platform.

Excessive Collateralization

DXXM bonding curve is based on excessive target collateralization, meaning that each minted DXXM is backed with more digital assets than the actual token's price. Current collateralization rate is fixed at 350%.

Reward Incentive

DXXM token holders are eligible to receive more profitable opportunities across all company’s products:

  • Discounts on trading fees
  • Market Making Rewards
  • DSTo Emission Mechanism
  • Cross-Platform DeFi use-cases

Donation Platform

Blockchain-based charity solution enables nonprofit organizations to receive and exchange their cryptocurrency donations into fiat currencies.

With this product we want to transform people’s perception of charity and simply make the world a little bit better place for everyone to live.

100% Transparent

It eliminates the barrier between people and connects donors with charities directly in a fully transparent and secure manner.

Non-Profit Solution

Our company has a strict “Zero Profit” policy on donations made via this Platform. All the donated funds are sent directly to charity organizations, we even cover the transaction fee.

Charities We Trust In

We make sure to commence extensive background checks on all non-profits that want to be featured on our Platform. All the organisations available on the Platform employ the highest funds transparency standards.

DeFi SuperApp

Our global goal lies in broadening our services to more demographics and providing the underbanked people with a full set of decentralised financial services.

DeFi SuperApp is our way to empower global transformation to cryptocurrencies.

It is a SuperApp built on the basis of the existing platform that will provide users with:

DeFi Lending & Borrowing

Permissionless platform for uncollateralized lending opens a truly new way of earning on your crypto: individual clients will be able to provide their funds to be borrowed and earn on fixed-size, fixed-term, fixed-interest rate loans on the blockchain.

Crypto Credit Cards

Deximum Visa prepaid cards will provide a one-click solution for users who want to instantly get their funds from any Visa ATM worldwide. In order to deliver a truly ultimate product, we plan on partnering with media holdings and avia companies to provide our users with Cashback functionality and Flight Rewards!

NFT Creation Platform

NFTs will be created utilizing ERC721 and ERC1155 security token standards which have been adopted worldwide. Inclusion of security tokens on our Platform will allow users to publicly create their own non-fungible tokenized assets and distribute them in a permissionless manner via an auction system.